Updates from Esther’s Year 4 Class


Esther’s Year 4 Class have been busy preparing for the Easter break by baking some delicious hot cross buns. The pupils have taken great care to follow the recipe, and to work safely whilst using the school kitchen. We tasted these buns at the end of the session. The class verdict was that they tasted delightful.

Our recent science learning in Esther’s class has involved looking at electricity and circuits. This has been a very practical hands on session. Each group was able to build a simple circuit. The pupils were asked to include a power source, a component and a switch, We could then see how electricity needs to flow around the complete circuit for the component to be activated.

Finally our literacy work in Esther’s class has seen the children almost complete the mysterious Varmints book. The pupils have been producing some written accounts looking at the two very different settings that are described in the book, and how these change as the plot develops.

You can listen to a couple of pupils explaining a little more about this work in the recording below.

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