Year 2 Easter Story Video

Year 2 have been learning about the Easter story as we approach the end of term. The children have been looking at why this is such an important festival for Christians to celebrate, as well as some of the themes contained in the story.

We started off our work by watching a short film showing the Easter story. The pupils spoke about each significant moment in the story, and what the possible outcome might be. We asked questions such as: what are the motivations for this character? What might this lead to?

Year 2 then worked independently to sequence a series of pictures showing the main events. These were placed in a special Easter book that the children have created. Complete sentences were written underneath each image to explain what is taking place. You can watch a video of two pupils sharing their work above.

Other recent Year 2 work has seen the pupils complete their Great Fire of London topic. This work has involved plenty of research looking at who started the fire, where it took place and how it was able to spread so quickly.

We have used this knowledge to act out some role play situations during Year 2 drama sessions. The pupils have taken on the role of the King’s Baker to find out how he might have felt. Our work has also explored how London was re-built as a city following the Great Fire.

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