Billy’s Bucket in the Nursery


The Nursery children have returned after the Easter break with a brand new book to read: Billy’s Bucket. This is a wonderful story that allows the children to use their own imaginations to think about some of the many items that might be placed inside Billy’s bucket.


We all had a great time on a recent trip to the nearby East Street Market. Billy places plenty of seaside items in the bucket as part of the story. The Nursery children went on a shopping trip to buy some fresh fish that we could carry back to Michael Faraday School inside our buckets.

The exploration has been continued around the Nursery. We have moved the theme on from seaside related items to anything that the children think they could place inside the buckets. The teaching staff have been encouraging the children to explain some of their ideas and thoughts.

The Nursery Brilliant Boxes also have a similar aim as the bucket work. We asked each class member to work with their parents and carers over the Easter break to design and fill a Brilliant Box. As the name suggests, this is a customised cardboard box that contains many items or memories about our own brilliant lives.

The teaching staff have been greatly encouraged by the response. We would like to thank all of the parents and carers that took great care to help the children create their brilliant boxes.

You can watch one young class member explore what is inside her brilliant box in the short video below.

Plus we are pleased to share some photographs of the Nursery children enjoying the recent good weather.







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