Captain Fantastic comes to Reception!


The Reception children have been introduced to a new character who will be helping us with our learning throughout the summer term. Captain Fantastic is an inspiring person who is here to help the children learn.

He like to travel around the world and help people. Captain Fantastic will be helping the Reception children to understand a little more about the countries that he will be visiting over the next few weeks.

One thing that the children have already learnt is that Captain Fantastic enjoys eating scones! Sometimes he makes the long journey all the way back home to see his Mum because she bakes the best scones in the entire world.

The Reception children were keen to follow in the footsteps of Captain Fantastic and so we organised a scone baking session for the children. Each small cooking group talked about the ingredients that we might need, and how each of these helps the scones to taste nice.

Captain Fantastic’s special scone recipe was followed very carefully. The children learnt how we need to allow plenty of air to enter into the scone mixture. This helps the scones go fluffy and have a light touch. We hope that Captain Fantastic might one day come and visit the Reception children to enjoy the scones that we can now cook for him.





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