Pauline’s Class Stage Election Assembly


Pauline’s Year 4 class staged a timely school assembly looking at the issue of the general election. This was an incredibly thoughtful assembly that helped to explain how voting can help people to change our community for the better.

The assembly started off by asking our friends from other classes some questions about what the general election actually means. It was great to hear responses from all Key Stage 2 pupils, from Year 3 to Year 6. The Leaders of the main political parties were also identified.

A little drama was then added to the assembly. The pupils in Pauline’s class read out some headline news that had just been received: football is to be banned at Michael Faraday School. Each class size will increase to 60 pupils. PE and music lessons are to be replaced by extra maths and English lessons. All jewellery will be confiscated and then sold.

This breaking news was greeted with many gasps from the assembly audience. The feeling was that this was incredibly unfair.

Pauline’s class listened to some of these concerns, and then decided to put the matter to the vote. A show of hands revealed that there was a unanimous rejection of these new ideas. Pauline then congratulated everyone for having just voted and played a part in our school democracy.

The assembly then made the connection with the school vote and the general election. Pauline’s class explained how you need to vote if you want your views to be heard. The assembly concluded by saying that some policies might be good, some might be bad. It is your choice to vote on these.


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