Year 1 National Theatre Preparations


Both Year 1 classes at Michael Faraday School are preparing for a very special performance on stage at the National Theatre next month. We have been invited to take part in a production at the prestigious venue in front of a large audience.

We have welcomed into our school some friends from the National Theatre who have been working with the children on a couple of songs that will be performed on the stage. This work is unique in that the ideas have come from the Year 1 pupils, plus some musical assistance from our theatre friends.


We don’t want to give too much away ahead of the grand performance but frogs feature heavily in the play. Year 1 have been busy making some frog puppets that we will be using as props on stage at the National Theatre. This has been great fun for the children and teaching staff in putting the puppets together.

Ticket details for parents and carers of Year 1 pupils will be soon be announced. We look forward to seeing plenty of support for the Michael Faraday children when they take to the National Theatre stage.


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