Year 3 Trip to Re-cycling Centre


Joanna’s Year 3 class have started to learn about the importance of re-cycling and how this can help the environment. The pupils have researched what it means to re-cycle, as well as looking at the harm it may cause if we just dumped our rubbish in the sea.

The children were able to see how re-cycling works in practise with a very practical session over at the Old Kent Road re-cycling centre. We were very kindly invited by Southwark Council to see at close hand what happens to all of the rubbish that we sort out at home before it is taken away.

Our visit included a tour of the Old Kent Road factory. The children were asked to wear hi-vis jackets and safety hats. It was very exciting to be able to see how the re-cycling plant works.

One of the re-cycling tools that we were able to see what the electro-magnetic field that sorts out the aluminium from all of the other rubbish. It was explained during our tour that this process would not have been possible without the scientific help of Michael Faraday. The Year 3 children felt proud that our school is named after someone who is still helping us to live a cleaner way of living.

You can listen to some of the pupils talking about their trip to the re-cycling centre in the recording below.

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