Nursery Horniman Museum Video

The Nursery children had a wonderful time during our recent trip the nearby Horniman Museum. This was an opportunity to see at close hand some of the sea creatures and fish that we have been learning about as part of our aquatic class topic.

The children planned ahead for the trip to the Horniman aquarium with plenty of research first in the classroom. We have been learning about the many different types of sea creatures, and how we can identify them.

Once we arrived at the Horniman we headed straight to the aquarium to observe as many sea creatures as possible. Some of the favourite creatures that the children were able to see included the moon jelly fish, frogs and seahorses. We found out how seahorses attach themselves to vegetation in the sea to help them move.

The absolute favourite character that we found at the Horniman however was the four-eyed fish. We learnt that the Latin name for this is anableps. It was explained to the Nursery children that the four eyes helps the fish to know what is underneath or around them whilst they are moving.

We were also able to enjoy an aquatic based workshop at the Horniman. The children were given magnifying glasses, and plenty of guidance about what to look out for on certain sea creatures. Some acting also took place as the Nursery children took on the role of their favourite fish.

We have been continuing with the aquatic topic back in the classroom. The children have been learning to sing the song Five Little Speckled Fish. We are also starting to build a water castle. The idea is to catch the toy fish that will be flowing down the chute, and to keep count of the number of fish that we are able to catch.

You can find out a little more about the Nursery Horniman trip in the short video above.

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