Pauline’s Year 4 Class Chinese Tea

Pauline’s Year 4 class were treated to some delightful Chinese tea when our friend Yi Kai came into the class to help explain more about the culture of his home country. This was a very practical session with the pupils invited to take part in the tea making, as well as comparing Chinese tea with traditional English tea once the brew was ready.


Yi Kai explained in great detail every step of the process. Two tea pots are needed. One is to make the tea in, whilst the second is the serving pot. No tea bags were used. We learnt that tea leaves are filtered out to add in an extra strong taste.


Much to the surprise of the children, Yi Kai then poured boiling hot water all over the tea cups. This was to make sure that all germs had been killed. The technique of ‘high pouring’ was then explained. Yi Kai said that the water has to be poured up from high so that the tea leaves can rock ‘n’ roll!


Finally the tea was poured around the cups that were arranged in a circle. This makes sure that each cup of tea has the same amount of hot water inside. The tradition of tapping the table three times was then observed by each guest. This is a traditional Chinese way of saying thank you to the host.


It was then time to taste the tea. Yi Kai encouraged the pupils to take three sips. This helps the drink to be properly savoured. We finished off the Chinese tea making session by comparing the taste with that of English tea.

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