Reception Albanian Dance Video

Captain Faraday has been continuing to help out the Reception children with their knowledge about different countries from around the world. This is a character who is a female pilot. She is able to travel to many exciting locations, and then report back to the Reception children about what she has found her on travels.

Each time that a new country has been explored, Captain Faraday then reports back to the Reception children with some of the sights that she has seen. We have been learning about the language, the food and some of the traditional dancing that takes place in each country.

Recent journeys for Captain Faraday have included trips to Poland, Turkey and Albania. It was this last location that inspired the Reception children to try their hand at some traditional Albanian dancing.

The Reception children watched a short video first to get a feel of the style of the dance and some of the moves required. The children then put together their own dance routine, based on some of the ideas and themes that we had seen from the Albanian video.

This was a highly original interpretation from the Reception children. As you can see from the video above – the children were able to pick up the moves and then make their own Albanian routine with great style!

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