Year 1 Moving Monster Models


Year 1 have been using their knowledge based around the history of toys to help them with their D & T learning.


The children are now very knowledgable about the historical range of toys following our visit to the V & A Museum, as well as the exhibition that was later staged at Michael Faraday. This work has led the children to see how many toys have a moving element.


We used this understanding to start work on designing and creating our own moving toys. The resources used were a burger box, a balloon, a tube and a syringe. This project also incorporated some science learning. The idea is that air is pumped into the balloon contained within the burger box. This will then move the main part of the model.


It soon became clear that the air contained within the syringe was not enough to inflate the balloon. The Year 1 scientists adapted their approach, and were able to blow up the balloons through the plastic tubing themselves.


This project is still part of a work in progress. The moving monsters have been painted in bright colours. The next stage will be to personalise our models by adding in facial features.


Year 1 will then design a large backdrop for the moving monsters to be displayed. We will be asking the children to think about what type of habitat the monsters might like to live in. This will be reflected in the scenery that we will be able to create.

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