Year 2 Science and Art Project

Year 2 have been creating some stunning artwork as part of our current science topic looking at the natural world. A strong theme in this work is to be able to compare and contrast man made or natural items. The idea behind out artwork was to create a natural scene using natural materials.


The resources for this work were gathered during a recent nature observation walk. Both classes took a trip to the nearby Burgess Park. We asked each pupil to look around for twigs, leaves or any other natural item that they thought might be able to used as part of a sculpture project.


The next stage was a close observation sketching session. The children were asked to experiment with different levels of shading to see how this can change the appearance of our picture.


We then introduced Year 2 to some of the work created by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Much of his work is created using natural resources. It is very abstract – another idea that we introduced the pupils to.


Each pupil has created their own natural sculpture. We have asked the children to explain the idea contained in their work. What inspired them? What does it represent? How does it make them feel to look at the work? Some written work has been produced to back up this learning.


This work then developed to become a group project. The children joined together to work on a shared idea for an abstract piece of art using natural resources.


We asked each group to think of a main theme that their picture could represent. Having a title as well was important. This will help the art audience to think about some of the ideas contained in the piece of work.


Each group then gave a short presentation about their piece of art. We then asked the others groups to take a short tour around our natural resources exhibition, and then offer an artistic analysis.


We are happy to share a selection of videos below explaining a little more about the art that was created.








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