Year 3 Science and Plant Growth


Our science learning in Year 3 at Michael Faraday has been looking at plant growth. We started this topic by looking specifically at the role that roots play within a plant. The children have learnt that they have four main attributes: nutrients, anchorage, stability and absorption.

This has been a very hands on way of learning. A variety of different plants were passed around the class. We asked the pupils to identify the roots, and then to compare them between the different plant species.


A worksheet was completed by all of the pupils. This helped to reinforce some of the new vocabulary that we have been learning. Some observation artwork has also been carried out. The Year 3 pupils were asked to sketch in great detail the roots on the different plants that we have been looking at.


Our growing theme in Year 3 has also seen some tomatoes and other growing boxes being planted on the Year 3 balcony. The children are taking care to water the plants each day, and to observe any plant growth that is taking place.

Year 3 are also making a weekly trip to the nearby Nursery Gardens allotments. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a local community garden, and to put in to practice some of the practical gardening skills that we have been learning about.





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