Year 5 Anansi Spider Assembly


Pat’s Year 5 class recently staged an entertaining assembly with a very powerful message. We wanted to share some of the ideas contained in one of our favourite literacy characters, Anansi spider. This is a mischievous folk character that comes out of the country of Ghana. Anansi is crafty and very greedy. He is very clever at getting his own way.


The pupils acted out the traditional tale of Anansi and Mr. Tiger. All class members had a part to play. Some of the acting was powerful, as well as amusing. Our other friends in the assembly audience watched with great interest.


Once the tale had been acted out, Year 5 asked the assembly audience for any thoughts on what the moral to the story might be. We had suggestions that included that although you may be weaker than your opponent, you can still beat them. Revenge was also a possible idea. Sometimes you can get hurt if you are trying to carry out revenge.


The Year 5 assembly came to a close by looking at how the Anansi story from Ghana was able to make its way to London. We talked about the power of a folklore story, and how travelling people are then able to take it with them when them when they move around the world.



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  • May 22, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    I like it its so interesting.

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