Y6: Who? What? Where? Why? When?


Year 6 have been looking at different techniques used within journalism to help put across a particular story or viewpoint. The various elements in a news report have been broken down. The students have seen how a headline, an introductory sentence and even a strong picture can all work together to hep tell a story.

A recent literacy session saw the Year 6 pupils looking at the importance of having an incredibly powerful first sentence. We have learnt how journalists always like to pack in the Who? What? Where? Why and When? into their opening sentence.

The challenge was then set to tell a familiar story in under ten-seconds. We used the tale of the Three Little Pigs as our news story.

At first it seemed not possible for the pupils to able to isolate the key points in the story, and then deliver these in ten-seconds of speech. The story was then edited, with decisions made about which parts were absolutely essential to include.

As you can hear in the recording below – Three Little Pigs in ten-seconds or under can be achieved!

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