Esther’s Year 4 Class Assembly


Esther’s Year 4 Class recently put on a very thoughtful assembly based on the idea of how we can help the people caught up in the recent Nepal earthquake. The assembly started with the pupils posing a number of questions: where can we find Nepal? What is the capital of the country? What are some of the geographical places of interest?

Each class member had a speaking part. One of the points being put across was the idea that Nepal is thought of as a developing country. We explained to our other friends around the school what is meant by this term.


Esther’s Year 4 Class then started to explain a little more about the earthquake itself. We looked at when it happened, how it impacted the country, and what type of response is now needed.

The children in Esther’s class have been thinking about possible ways in which they can raise some money to help some of the people still suffering in Nepal. Class member Oscar came up with the wonderful idea of organising a sponsored run during our regular PE sessions.


Two running sessions were staged. We asked the children to try and raise some sponsorship money from adults at home and at school. A target of £200 was set. We researched online how this figure would help to feed and shelter 32 families in Nepal for a period of a month.

Our assembly also encouraged other pupils around the school to think of ways in which they might want to raise some money to help support the people of Nepal. We finished off the assembly by watching a short film showing some of the problems that the country is currently facing.


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