New Activities in the Nursery


The Nursery children have been thrilled to find that a couple of Robbins have been nesting in a nearby tree in the outdoor play space. We have seen the Mummy and Daddy Robbins looking around our garden area for some bugs to feed to their baby Robin.

The Nursery children have become very keen birdwatchers. We have been using the school binoculars to look at the nesting birds, and to make sure that we don’t disturb them. The children have been looking online at different birds that we can expect to see in our local area. These have been compared in terms of size and colour.

The arrival of summer has also seen many mini-beasts making the most of the Nursery outdoor garden habitat. The children have been carefully looking for mini-beasts, and then describing what they look like. We have learnt that it is very important to always put a mini-beast back where you found it.

Other outdoor activity in the Michael Faraday Nursery includes caring for the flowers and plants that are now blooming in our garden. The lavender garden in particular is looking very impressive.

Finally some touching up of the outdoor paint work has also kept the Nursery children busy!

All of this nature work is related to the reading of The Gruffalo, our current class reading book. Later on in the term the children will be visiting the nearby Dulwich Woods as we go looking for the Gruffalo.












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