Reception Dinosaur Museum Video!

The Reception children had a wonderful day out at the Natural History Museum just before the half term break. The main reason for our trip was to see at first hand some of the magnificent dinosaur models and exhibits that the museum has on display. The Reception children were able to look at dinosaur footprints, dinosaur teeth and a full size robotic dinosaur.

The trip inspired the children to recreate a dinosaur museum in our Reception classroom. We thought about some of the sights that we had seen during our day out, and then how we might be able to recreate these in Reception.

The children were asked to recap what they had seen at the Natural History Museum. We then used this information to set up a ticket office, some exhibits, a library, a gift shop and even a museum cafe.

All of the Reception children have taken it in turns to take on some of the museum roles. We need a receptionist to take the tickets, a tour guide, a librarian, a shop worker and some staff for the cafe.

Some strict rules have also been thought up by the children. One of these is that we must not touch any of the precious exhibits. You can take a short tour of the Reception Dinosaur Museum in the video above.

Our dinosaur learning will continue in the Reception over the coming weeks. The children will be learning about the three distinct periods during the dinosaur age: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. One of the learning aims will be to identify which dinosaurs can be found in which specific period.







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