Year 2 Skipping Poems


The Year 2 pupils recently had a fantastic session with Dan the Skipping Man. As the name suggests, Dan is an expert skipper who is keen to pass on his talents to the pupils. He kindly visited Year 2 to show the children some of his skills, as well as to teach them some new tricks.

A couple of skipping routines were taught. The Year 2 children are now able to perform the ‘radio’ skipping move, as well as the tricky task of skipping Double Dutch with two ropes.

This was an activity that really captured the attention of the children. We decided to use this enthusiasm to help the class members with their literacy work. We have recently been looking at rhyming poems, and in particular the work of Roald Dahl and his Revolting Rhymes.

The pupils were asked to use their skipping experience with Dan as the inspiration to write some rhyming poetry. The rhythmic activity of skipping was just perfect for these rhymes. You can listen to a couple of these being read out in the recording below.

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