Year 3 Combine Literacy and D & T


Year 3 have been creating a mixture of written and artistic work connected to our recent class reading book of The Lost Thing. This has been a project that has required the children to think quite deeply about the concept of being lost, and some of the many meanings that it might have.

Our written work started off by posing a number of questions: what does it mean to be lost? Where do lost people or things go? This led to the pupils to discussing the idea of belonging, and what this might mean in their lives.

This has been a very personal project for the pupils to be working on. One of the main themes that we have discovered is that everyone has a place that we all need to find.

Plenty of written work has been produced. Descriptions have been created for the two main characters in the story. We have asked the children to think about what each character looks like on the outside, as well as how we could describe their personal thoughts.

The complete story for The Lost Thing has been sequenced using a combination of words and pictures. This then led the Year 3 pupils to write their own story based on a Lost Thing character that they have come up with.

The final work for this project has seen each pupil design and then build their own Lost Thing model. All of these are unique with highly individual features. We are proud to publish a photo gallery of this fantastic work below.














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