Fantastic News for Year 5 Quiz Team

Year 5

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our Year 5 quiz team has once again reached the grand final of the London Knowledge Quiz. This is the second consecutive year that this has happened. The grand final will take place at the Museum of London on 8th July.

Our Year 5 team is made up of six members: Jayna, Lawrence, Nicole, Shiva, Sonny and Tomiwa. Two separate stages had to be successfully contested to reach the grand final. Michael Faraday School was crowned the overall winner in the regional round for the borough of Southwark.

Another round was successfully completed, meaning that Michael Faraday School will be joining two other London schools at the Museum of London as we attempt to become the London Knowledge Quiz champions.

A huge thanks for this achievement has to go to staff teacher Dave who has been helping to coach the pupils. All of the questions are related to London, a topic which Dave has huge specialist knowledge of.

Plenty of preparation and swatting has taken place during any free time that the team has been able to find. It was also great to see the team members using their own free time at home to continue their research about some of the subject areas.

Last year Michael Faraday School managed to pick up the silver medal in the London Knowledge Quiz. Good luck to our six team members for 8th July when we hope that we are able to perform even better.

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