Nursery Gruffalo Video!

The Nursery children at Michael Faraday School recently had a fantastic trip to the nearby Sydenham Woods. Our main task for the trip was to try and find the Gruffalo!

The children have been learning about all of the characters in the wonderful Gruffalo book throughout the summer term. The trip to Sydenham Woods was the perfect chance to see if we could find any of these characters.

As we wandered through the woods each class member had a mini-beast check seat. Each time that we saw mini-beasts such as spiders, butterflies or ladybirds, we crossed them off on our sheet. The Nursery children have also been learning about why it is important to return mini-beasts to the home where we first found them.

The walk through Sydenham Woods was also a chance to see some of the animals that appear in the Gruffalo story. The Nursery children were thrilled to find mice, owls and even a snake!

The highlight of our hunt however came right at the very end of the trip. The children were carefully guided into a small cave that we found at Sydenham Woods. Sitting at the back of the cave was the Gruffalo!

This was a very friendly Gruffalo who was happy to pose for pictures with the children. We left him in his cave, and then made the short bus journey back to Michael Faraday School.

The children have been continuing with their Gruffalo learning back in the classroom. Each class member should now be able to sequence the story in the correct order. Plenty of actions have also been used to describe what is happening at each part in the story.

Some of the Nursery children explain a little more about their Sydenham Woods trip in the video above.


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