Pauline’s Year 4 Class Food Web Work


Pauline’s Year 4 class have been looking at the concept of food webs during our recent science sessions. The pupils have seen how this term describes how all the different types of food production are linked together.

The children started their research looking at plant life. We then learnt how worms eat the grass, and then birds eat the worms. A fox may then kill a bird. This process is known as the food web as it describes how each stage is important if the process is to continue. If you take away one stage, then the web collapses.

This work is connected to our general study of plants and wildlife that Pauline’s class has been looking at during the summer term. It helps to explain the importance of plants in the environment.

Our plant study took on a practical element with a trip to the nearby Dulwich Woods. The pupils were able to bring back a collection of different plants to Michael Faraday School. These have been sorted into groups showing what type of habitat they are.


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