Reception Time Changes

The Reception children have been looking at the topic of time changes during our recent maths lessons at Michael Faraday School. The main learning aim is to recognise that some periods of time can be short when compared to larger time segments.

The children have been carrying out some counting activities to help with this learning. A large digital clock was displayed on the class whiteboard. A time of 30 seconds was set for the clock to count down. The challenge was to see how many small counting cubes we could transfer from one container to another in this time period.

The focus then changed slightly as we used marbles instead of counting cubes. The children were asked to investigate if they could transfer more marbles than plastic cubes during the same time period.

Finally the time period itself was changed. We allowed each class to have 60 seconds to complete the marble task. We asked the children to first make a sensible guess about how many marbles they thought they could transfer, using their knowledge from the 30 seconds task.

This activity is a great way for the Reception children to start to think about the concept of time and how different time periods can vary. We encouraged the children to carry on with similar tasks during their choosing time. One group counted how many star jumps they could compete in a 30 and 60 second time frame.

You can see some of the time changing activities being completed in the short video above.




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