Year 1 Sunflower Experiment

The Year 1 children at Michael Faraday School have set up a science experiment that will keep us busy for the remainder of the term, as well as at home during the summer break. Plants and growing is the main science theme for Year 1 throughout the summer term. This was the perfect opportunity for the children to grow their very own sunflowers and to monitor the growth.


Our lesson started off by watching a short video explaining how sunflowers seeds are able to grow. We saw how the plants can break through the seed and germinate if they have plenty of water and some sun light overhead.


It was now time for the practical part of our science work. The children watched class teacher Zoe demonstrate the best way to plant a sunflower seed. We saw how half a large cup of compost is needed. Two seeds were planted, just in case one of them fails to take root and grow. Zoe then showed the children how much water we need to start off the early stages of growth.


The Year 1 pupils were then left to work independently and set up their own plant growth experiment. The sunflowers will be watered regularly at both school and home, once the summer holiday period starts.


Our written work for this project is to keep a Sunflower Diary. The children have started to write their early entries, explaining how the experiment was set up and what equipment is needed. The children were encouraged to use vocabulary such as get, fill, place, and on top of.



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