Year 2 Maths and Measurement


Year 2 have been learning about different measurements that can help us with our maths learning during the second half of the summer term. Length was the first concept that we considered. A trundle wheel was used to measure various points in the school playground.


The focus then moved on to weight. We asked each class member to make a sensible estimate about the weight of various classroom objects. These included a plastic cup, a pair of scissors and a reading book.


Different types of scales were then used to weigh these items. We used traditional kitchen scales, digital scales and even a balancing scale. The children logged the actual weight of the objects, and then compared these with their estimates. Concepts such as heavier or lighter were used to write up our work.


This measurement work will continue in Year 2 over the coming weeks. The children will soon start to learn about capacity and how we can measure this.

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