Year 3 Literacy and Art


Year 3 have been enjoying our new class reading book for the summer term at Michael Faraday School. We have introduced to the pupils the mysterious book Flotsam. This tells the story of how a camera is washed up on a beach. When the film is developed, some very interesting sea creatures come out as the final set of photographs.


Our early literacy work on this book has involved plenty of story mapping. This task involves the pupils placing pictures of scenes from the story in the correct order. Text is added underneath to tell the narrative of the story.


Flotsam has also inspired our recent art lessons in Year 3. The characters in the book aren’t the traditional sea creatures that we might be expecting. They may appear to look like dolphins, starfish or octopus, but they have some highly original colours. The Year 3 children have been designing and creating their own Flotsam characters during art lessons.




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