Year 5 Southwark Splash Celebrations


Both Year 5 classes are incredibly excited about our Southwark Splash performance on 24th June at the Royal Festival Hall. This has been a brilliant project for the pupils to be involved in. The professional singing and dancing tuition that we have received has been superb. Southwark Splash also helps the pupils to develop their self-confidence and work together with other students from around the borough.


We don’t want to give too much away about the plot ahead of the performance of The Love Architects of Arcadia. One of the key themes is that of children working together to construct a new city that is based on love and understanding. This is a world without money. Instead people work together to help build a better place.


Pat’s Class has been working on the dance routine for the show, whilst Michael’s class are heavily involved in the singing. Eight songs in total have needed to be learnt. These are all original numbers that cover plenty of musical scope.


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