Year 6 Father’s Day Assembly


Badgie’s Year 6 class recently staged an incredibly emotional assembly based around the theme of Father’s Day. One of the key messages in the assembly was to look at the traditional idea of Father’s Day, and also to see how we can adapt to our own differing personal situations. Not everyone has a father who they are in contact with. Badgie’s class was able to explain how Father’s Day is still an occasion worth celebrating.


The assembly started with the Year 6 students brainstorming some ideas about Father’s Day with their other friends from around the school. A series of short scenes were then acted out. We asked the other assembly members to try and describe what activity was taking place. All of them involved showing a positive quality of fatherhood. Ideas included setting a good example, helping with learning and being someone to spend some fun time with.


Some of the pupils then shared a selection of the recent Father’s Day poetry that they have been composing in class. This was the true emotional part of the assembly. We heard some very moving stories about how some students may not have a father, but they still value strongly the other family support that is available around them.

Badgie’s Year 6 class concluded their Father’s Day assembly by explaining some ways in which we can all show some affection and appreciation for our own fathers.




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