Year 6 School Play Preparations

Year 6 are preparing for the prestigious end of year production as the countdown starts for the Michael Faraday School Play. The pupils will be performing Shakespeare Rocks on 15th July. As the title suggests, this is a contemporary take on the world of Shakespeare.

The plot involves a couple of presenters who find themselves transported back in time 400 years ago to Shakespeare’s London. They are able to see Shakespeare’s personal diary, which opens up a whole new interpretation to some of the famous characters from the Bard.


We don’t want to give too much away in the plot, but there is romance, fire and plenty of singing!

All of the Year 6 students will play a part in the play. Two performances will take place for family and friends of Year 6 pupils. The 2pm and 6pm showtimes allow the main parts to be rotated.

The Year 6 pupils are now pretty much line perfect. Scripts are starting to be discarded during our daily rehearsals. Thought is now turning towards acting and how to manage the production on the stage. Plus the lively singing numbers are always in need of plenty of practice.

You can listen to a couple of Year 6 pupils explain a little more about their acting experience in the recording below.

Plus we are proud to present some videos from the early stages of the rehearsals. If you think that the enthusiasm here is infectious, just wait until the you experience the two main shows on the 15th July!





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