Fantastic Year 5 Memories Assembly


Year 5 staged a fantastic assembly as we come towards the close of teaching for the summer term at Michael Faraday School. Fittingly the theme for the assembly was all about Year 5 memories, as well as looking towards our hopes for the new school year ahead.


This has been an incredibly busy term for the two Year 5 classes. The assembly was presented in the format of a TV news broadcast. We had a roving reporter who interviewed various class members about some of the activities that they have successfully completed as Year 5 pupils.


A recent highlight has been the Michael Faraday Cake Sale. The interviewee explained how the school managed to raise an incredible £216.42 at the event which took place during the summer term. This money has now been presented to a breast cancer charity.


The Year 5 assembly then acted out a short sketch to explain why we thought it was so important to raise money for this charity. A number of school chefs explained what cakes they were going to bake. We then has some top scientists who are in need of funding to help fight breast cancer.


The assembly then looked at the incredible contribution that our visiting Chinese friend Yi-Kai has made throughout the whole school during the past year. Yi-Kai has been working incredibly hard helping all pupils understand a little more about the culture of his country.

The Year 5 pupils have particularly enjoyed the regular morning Chinese stretching sessions that Yi-Kai has been leading. We put on a short display of some of the moves that we have been taught during the assembly.

Southwark Splash was the next Year 5 memory to be celebrated. This has been the main focus for the children throughout the entire summer term. This concluded with a wonderful performance on stage at the Royal Festival Hall a couple of weeks ago.

The assembly was treated to a superb rendition of one of the powerful songs from the Love Architects. Plenty of actions were involved. Our friends from other classes were invited to join in.

Finally the Year 5 assembly came to a close by asking all of our friends to think about what they would like to achieve once the new school year starts in September. You can listen to a couple of the pupils explain a little more about their assembly in the recording below.






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