History with Pauline’s Year 4 Class


Pauline’s Year 4 class have almost completed their major historical topic for the summer term. The pupils have been looking in great detail at the timeline that covers the Romans in Britain, the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans.

This work has been explored in many different ways. The pupils have researched some of the major characters such as Alfred the Great. We have also looked at what life was like living in an Anglo-Saxon village.


Artwork has also been used to help build up a better understanding of this time period. The use of Anglo-Saxon runes has also been looked at. These are the letters that make up the Anglo-Saxon alphabet.

Each class member has researched the Anglo-Saxon spelling of their own name. We have then written these down on a name tag card. Year 4 have see how the Anglo-Saxon alphabet is not quite the same as the English alphabet. Some of the letters that we use in our names are missing.


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