Nursery Phonics Learning


The Nursery children have made some amazing phonics progress as we come towards the close of the summer term at Michael Faraday School. Phonics are the key sounds that we all need to understand to help with word formation and writing.


We have been using the phonic fans in the Nursery to help with this activity. These are fans that contain a number of letters from the alphabet. Class teachers Catherine and Deanna have been calling out a particular sound. The challenge for the children is to find the corresponding letter on their phonic fan.


This early introduction to phonics has advanced to include some simple word formations. We asked the Nursery children to use the phonic fans to create a word based on the sounds that we could hear. An example is the word SIT.


Both Catherine and Deanna are incredibly pleased with the phonics progress that the Nursery children have made this year. This is a key part of the curriculum to understand at such an early stage. All of the children have shown tremendous enthusiasm and knowledge as part of this learning.


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