Year 1 Explore Four Countries of UK


The children in Year 1 have been continuing with their geography learning for the second half of the summer term at Michael Faraday School. This work started with an understanding of the United Kingdom, and the four countries that make up the UK.


We have now started to research each of the four countries in greater detail. This has involved an introduction to some of the unique culture that is historically associated with England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


We have been listening to traditional music from of the countries in class, and then comparing and contrasting what we can hear. Some local tourism videos have also been viewed. We then asked the Year 1 children to identify some of the places of interest in each country.


Finally this learning has also taken on a tasty experience – traditional food from each country has been sampled by the Year 1 children. Welsh bara brith cake was a particular favourite for both children and staff!

Each class member is now starting work on a colourful poster for the four countries. We have asked the children to use their knowledge to design a posters that explains a little more about the four countries of the UK.

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