Year 2 UK Geography Research


Year 2 have been working hard on improving their UK geography knowledge as we come towards the close of the summer term at Michael Faraday School. One of the main themes for this work has been to explore the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.

The next level of learning was based around the main cities in the UK. The children should now be able to locate and identify major cities such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. A large part of this work has involved using map co-ordinates. Year 2 have been learning how to use the X and Y axis to help pinpoint a specific place on the map.


This geography work will take on a practical element when both Year 2 classes head off to the seaside for the day! As well as hopefully enjoying the seaside sights at Westgate-on-Sea, we will also be looking at some geogrpahy learning during the day.

In preparation for this the pupils have been exploring what makes the seaside a unique geographical place. We have been learning about how we travel to the seaside, why people might want to go, and what activities we can enjoy once we arrive.

Our literacy learning in Year 2 has also had a geographical theme. The pupils are currently reading Where the Forest meets the Sea.


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