Year 4 Jabberwocky Poetry


The Year 4 pupils in Pauline’s Class have created some stunning individual story books based around Lewis Carroll’s powerful Jabberwocky poem. This is a tale that includes ‘nonsense language’ and plenty of changes in pace as the poem progresses.

The pupils have been looking at the use of nonsense language, and how we can use this type of technique to bring our own stories to life. Drama has also been used during this learning to act out some of the scenes in the poem.

Each class member has also re-written their own version of the Jabberwocky. Emphasis has been placed on creating nonsense language that still manages to capture the thrilling feel of the poem.

This work has been presented in some stunning Jabberwocky books that the pupils are very proud of. We asked the children to also write a concise blurb for the back of the book. This is a skill that requires the pupils to condense their writing into a short passage, but still make it sound appealing.

All of the pupils in Pauline’s Year 4 Class are now able to recite the Jabberwocky, word for word. You can listen to a lively rendition of this classic poem being performed in the recording below.





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