Nursery New Starters


We are very happy to welcome the two new Nursery classes to Michael Faraday School. Some of the children are attending the school full time, whilst others are settling in very well as part-time pupils at Michael Faraday.

This is a major moment in the development of each Nursery class member. Our teaching team have been making sure that every child feels comfortable in their new surroundings. We have been helping the parents and carers adjust to this transition as well.

Much of the time during these early few weeks has been spent getting to know all of our new friends. Plenty of singing has been used to help the children remember the names of their new friends.

This has also been a time for the new Nursery children to explore their classroom environment. We have a considerable indoor and outdoor play space. With the September weather still holding, we have been making the most of playing outdoors.

Some of the more popular activities include playing with the large water troughs, exploring the sand pits and dressing up using the Nursery costume wardrobe. We have been helping the children to understand what it means to share the school resources with our friends.

The next few weeks in the Nursery will see the teaching staff start to introduce some new learning activities. Some of our early learning will include number games and story-telling.

We hope that our new Nursery children enjoy their time as Michael Faraday pupils. A fantastic start!


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