Reception Numbers and Counting

The two new Reception classes at Michael Faraday School have wasted no time in starting some new maths learning at the start of the autumn term. The transition from Nursery to Reception is quite significant. The teaching staff offer a little more structure to the lessons with regular carpet learning sessions taking place.


A recent Reception maths session involved the children using various resources to help with their basic counting skills. We started off this learning by singing and counting along to Five Little Ducks. There was no shortage of volunteers for children to act out the duck characters!


A large rolling dice was then introduced. The children sat in a circle, and then took it in turn to roll the dice. The challenge was set to count the numbers once the dice had landed. All of the Reception children were then asked to hold up the correct number of fingers that matched the number on the dice.


Plus there has been plenty of time for some outdoor fun in the Reception. The children are enjoying the final few days of decent weather and making the most of their free time playing in our large outdoor space.






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