Year 1 All About Me Topic


The Year 1 pupils at Michael Faraday School have spent the first few weeks of the autumn term working on an All About Me class topic. The aim is for each class member to be aware of how we are all different, and to feel confident about our unique appearances.


Plenty of art work has been produced for this topic. Each class member has painted a self-portrait. The children used mirrors to observe the finer details of their own appearance. Skin, hair and eye colour were all re-produced as carefully as possibly.


This work then developed to become a 3D art collage. The Year 1 pupils used a number of different resources to create a plasticine based portrait. The children were able to add in a layer of texture to make the portraits as life-like as possible.


Other work around Year 1 has included study of shapes as part of our maths learning. The children have been learning about the defining properties that make up different shapes. Number recognition has also been part of our early learning for the autumn term.

Year 1 will soon start reading Traction Man. This is a wonderful book all about a superhero. It will introduce the children to the theme of having super powers. This is a class topic that we will explore in great detail during the first half of the autumn term.







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