Year 4 Autumn Term Curriculum


The year 4 pupils at Michael Faraday School have started work on reading and exploring the book Gregory Cool. This will be our main piece of literature text that we will be working on throughout the autumn term.

The plot has many possibilities for related written work. It tells the story of a young boy growing up in London, who then goes to live in the Caribbean. This then leads to issues such as self-identity for the main character. This is something that the Year 4 pupils will also be thinking about.

Another strong theme in the text is that of a changing environment. Gregory moves from inner city London to an island in the Caribbean. The Year 4 students will soon start a geography based topic looking at different environments where people live around the world.

We will also use the idea of travel to help produce some persuasive writing. Our knowledge of the Caribbean will be used to put together a series of travel guides for the area. The pupils will be asked to think about how they can use their writing skills to sell the idea of a location.

Other areas of learning in Year 4 for the autumn term will cover a thorough exploration of solids, liquids, and gases as part of our science learning. The children will soon be starting an Ancient Egypt topic as part of our continued history learning.


The Year 4 library sessions are also working out very well. Each week the children spend some time in the school library. This is an opportunity to choose a selection of reading books for use at both school and home.

The library covers many different genres from fiction through to information books. Each pupil is given a free choice.

We also encourage the class friends to share their knowledge of the books amongst each other. Recommendations are always asked for, either good or bad.

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