Year 5 Healthy Lifestyle Assembly

Kirstie’s Year 5 class have been congratulated by many around the school for the fantastic healthy lifestyle assembly that they recently staged. The pupils decided that the start of a new school year was a great opportunity to remind our other friends about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Preparation for the assembly involved some classroom research. The pupils looked at various social activities, as well as diets, before deciding if these could be considered healthy or not.

The assembly itself was fantastic fun. Some of the pupils played a simple game of charades. Working in pairs, one partner acted out a healthy activity, whilst the other took part in short mime that wasn’t so healthy. We asked our other friends from around the school to decide which activity was better for our bodies.

Plenty of artwork was also on display during the assembly. The Year 5 pupils have painted some pictures showing different food choices. Once again we asked the other assembly members to make a decision about the healthy credentials of each food group being displayed.

The assembly finished with a short discussion covering obesity, the importance of a balanced diet, smoking, diabetes and heart disease. We asked the other pupils attending the assembly to think about how we shouldn’t take food for granted.

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