Year 6 Set Aims in School Assembly


Year 6 proudly put on one of the first assemblies of the new term at Michael Faraday School. Our presentation to our friends around the school was based on the idea of personal goals.

This is a topic that the pupils have been researching during the first few weeks of the autumn term. We have taken the inspirational story of Malala to help understand how even the most ambitious aims can be achieved.

We started off the preparation for our assembly by researching the life story of Malala. Different groups focussed on various parts of her life journey to date. Year 6 were asked to select a powerful quote that they could then share during the assembly.

The assembly then introduced an element of drama. The Year 6 pupils acted out a short mime showing some of the challenges that Malala has had to overcome. Artwork was also shared.


The assembly came to a close with some of the Year 6 children reading out their own goals and aims that they have set themselves for the year of earning ahead. You can listen to a short selection of these being read out in the recordings below.

Elsewhere in Year 6 and our early literacy work for the summer term has been based around the brilliant book of There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom by Louis Sachar. The pupils have just completed reading Chapter 3 of the intriguing book.

Some thoughtful written work has already been produced. We asked the pupils to write a short passage explaining what they like about the book, what they dislike and issues that might puzzle them.


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