First KS2 Assembly for Year 3 Pupils


Joanna’s year 3 class recently staged their first Key Stage 2 assembly in front of the older pupils in the school. This was a special occasion for Year 3 as it gave them the chance to showcase their work with an older audience, and to build up confidence in their presentation skills.

The main idea behind the assembly was to share some of the early work that Year 3 have been learning about skeletons and bones as part of our science learning. The children have been researching in detail the different bones that hep to make up our bodies.

The assembly started by posing some questions to our friends from other year groups: what is the largest bone in the body? Which bone is the smallest? How many bones in total can we find in our bodies?


It was great to see so many other pupils listening to the assembly and providing some thoughtful answers.

Another issue that Year 3 explained during their assembly was the properties of bones. Different class members explained how bones are hollow, although inside most bones there is bone marrow which has its own blood supply. Eventually over a long period of time they will be reduced to dust particles.

The assembly came to a close with the children displaying some sheep bones that had come from the local butcher the night before. We asked the other assembly members if they could identify what animal they might have come from, and which part of the body.

This was a very successful first assembly for the new Year 3 pupils. We look forward to future assemblies over the course of the school year.


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