Reception Weekly Music Sessions


The Reception children are having fantastic fun with their weekly music sessions. Each Thursday we welcome Sophie into out class to help the children with their musical learning.

One of the aims for this activity in Reception is for the children to feel confident in expressing themselves using music. A simple warm-up activity started off a recent session to help the children find their singing voices.

Sophie then helped the children to learn a new song. This is a very active approach to music with many different actions used to help the children to remember the words.

We then played a game of Jack in the Box. The small group took it in turns to start off really small, and then to spring up tall when our friends started singing.

A recorder was then introduced to the session. The children were asked what type of sound does this make? We found that it can make a high pitched sound, and a low pitched sound. Sophie played different notes on the recorder. If it was a high sound then we had to stretch tall. A low pitch meant that it was time to crawl up and make a small body shape.

The Reception music came to a close with the children being asked to make a choice between a triangle and a wooden beater. The theme of quiet and loud was once again explored.



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