Training with the Faraday Football Team


We are proud to report that the Michael Faraday football squad has been making some brilliant progress throughout the first few weeks of the autumn term. This is a new development for the school. We have previously entered a football team in various local competitions. This is the first time however that a dedicated squad has been put together to help improve on our recent sporting achievements.

Staff member Nick has been appointed as the Coach of the squad. Trials were held at the start of the term to try and find the talent that can help the team to continue with some of the previous achievements.

The squad is made up of sixteen players from Year 5 and Year 6, plus one very talented played from Year 4. We are very pleased to see that the squad also contains some very skilful female players.

Nick has now been coaching the squad every Monday afternoon after school. We have been invited to join a local league where the team will be able to compete against other schools. There is also a local tournament coming up that we have been asked to take part in.

As well as striving to achieve our best on and off the pitch, Nick is also helping the team to understand what it means to play in a sporting manner, and to respect our opponents. Building upon team spirit is another major aim.

We will be reporting on the Michael Faraday football team on the school website throughout the school year.

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