Year 1 Super Heroes!


The Year 1 children have been having great fun learning all about the amazing character of Traction Man. This is a super-hero character who has been helping the children to understand what it means to be able to achieve extra special tasks.


Traction Man has many special powers that he uses in the stories that we have been reading. The Year 1 children have been asked to consider carefully what it means to have a special power, and how we are all able to achieve great things if we really try our hardest.

As you would hope with any super hero, Traction Man involves plenty of dressing up! Each class member in Year 1 has designed and then made their own super hero costume. We asked each pupil to think about a special power that they might have, and then how this could be represented in our costumes.

Different designs have appeared on the headbands and on our super hero shields. The Year 1 children have also thought of a unique name for their own super hero character. Badges proudly displaying these have all been made.

The children are looking forward to dressing up in their costumes when we attend the next whole school Achievements Assembly. We want to show the elder children at Michael Faraday what it means to be a super hero that works hard.

Our work has now started to turn towards the Year 1 Teddy Bear Super Hero Picnic. We are asking each class member to bring in their favourite teddy bear from home. We will then treat our special bears to a super hero picnic experience.


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