Year 2 Numbers and Shapes


The Year 2 children at Michael Faraday School have been learning all about shapes as part of our main maths learning for the first half of the autumn term. Plenty of other number work has also been taught. Sarah’s Year 2 class started a recent lesson by playing some number games as a warm up ahead of the activities involving shapes.

The children were asked to think of different ways that we can make up the number 20. Examples included 10+10, 17+3 and 18+2. This is the basics of number bonds that will be used throughout maths learning at Michael Faraday School.


This number bond knowledge was then used to complete a maths puzzle on the class whiteboard.


Different table activities were then set up themed around the current class topic of shapes. The Year 2 children are all now familiar with most shapes and their properties. The idea of rotation was then introduced: Is a triangle still a triangle if it is rotated?


The children were asked to think about the number of sides and the number of corners. We saw that a square still has four sides and four right angles, even if it is rotated.


Table work for each Year 2 group then followed. One activity involved matching a shape with a sentence that correctly describes the properties. Another group sorted shapes into a venn diagram, to show the similarities and differences.


Some of the pupils worked on the idea of symmetry by cutting out patterns of shapes and then folding them in half. A final group used the Year 2 laptops to design a picture using a set of shapes that were available for selection.

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