Year 6 African Drumming Session


The Year 6 students at Michael Faraday School are making the most of the weekly African drumming sessions that we are running this term. Each Thursday we welcome a couple of skilled local drummers into our school to pass on their knowledge and love of drumming. It can be quite a lively occasion!


A range of different types of African drums are available for the Year 6 pupils to play. Much of the early learning has focussed on a call and response way of learning. Our expert drummers start off a simple rhythm; it is then the role of the pupils to play back what they have just heard.


A large part of this learning involves being able to pick up and follow the non-verbal instructions. Changes in volume and pace take place. Each time the pupils need to listen out for these change and then play the same drumming pattern back as a group.


Some variance is added to this activity when the Year 6 students then take it in turns to become the group leader. A new pattern is composed by each pupil. Our friends need to pick up on this, and then play it back.


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