Fantastic Start for School Choir


We are very pleased to announce that the new Michael Faraday School Choir is already starting to produce some wonderful, uplifting songs. The Choir meets once a week after school. A selection of pupils from Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 take part. The Choir Leader is Joanna, who is able to pass on her expertise singing skills.


The weekly sessions are structured to help the Choir members improve their individual vocal technique, as well as being able to perform together collectively. The songs that the Choir have been learning have been chosen with these aims in mind.


This is very early days for the Michael Faraday Choir. A strong contender for an early favourite song is When I First Came into this Land. This is a traditional song that builds up the verses as the song progresses.


The Choir has formed a number of small groups for the song. Each group take ownership of a verse, with the Choir singing collectively the chorus. Joanna also asked for each group to think of a physical action to help compliment the words that are being sung.


This has been a positive start for the school Choir. The long term aim is to be able to perform publicly at school concerts and within our community.


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