Nursery Naughty Bus Adventures!


The Nursery children at Michael Faraday School have been learning all about the adventures of the Naughty Bus. This is a brilliant book which follows the Naughty Bus through many different journeys. These include trying to drive through baked beans and water!

Plenty of fun is had along the way, although the Naughty Bus never quite behaves in a sensible way. We have been talking with the children about what it might mean to be naughty, and how it is always better to have good behaviour with our friends.

The children have also been thinking about where the Naughty Bus might travel to next. We have had carpet discussions where some possible locations have been suggested. The Nursery children would love to see the Naughty Bus appear at Michael Faraday School!

Plenty of artwork has also taken place based on this book. The children have painted pictures of the Naughty Bus. A model has also been made. We have placed some special passengers inside.

We have also been singing some Naughty Bus songs as part of our Nursery music learning. The children have been encouraged to think of some new words to help describe the adventures of the Naughty Bus.


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